Full social media management

I will take charge of developing and managing your social media and create a strategy to fit your business and brand.
I will create posts, interact with your audience and build connections to grow your business.
Available on an annual contract basis, full-service social media management extends your resources and reach.

Social media strategy

You’ve got the resources, but need help with the plan.
I work with you or your company's internal resources to create an engagement strategy that your team implements.

After we create the plan, I’ll provide social media education for your team and advise on best practice.

I'll provide you with a strategic social media marketing plan to build real connections with your ideal customers.


Struggling to find the answers you need to get social media off the ground?
Do you need to up-skill your team?
I provide an hourly training and education service on specific social media platforms, strategies, management techniques and more.
Available for all types of organisations, groups and 1:1 sessions.